Suech and Beck

I wanted to write a blog post to talk about my new adventure with my partner Chris Sue-Chu. Earlier this year, we announced that we are now going to be photographing together under our new name Suech and Beck We are super excited and can’t wait to show the new site and everything we’ve been keeping under wraps.

So, the name Suech and Beck was born last fall.  We really wanted some place to combine both of our work together because we found ourselves naturally working together on everything. It didn’t matter if I was shooting portraits, Chris would be there giving input on lighting and composition or if Chris was shooting still life I would be there art directing.  After more and more shoots, we realized how well we work together with each of our combined strengths.  We both find that people have difficulties with our last names so we decided to butcher both and put them together, therefore Suech and Beck was born!

We had already decided together that this was going to be a thing, but how would it work? We needed time to figure that out and work together on jobs as a team. In Sept. 2016 we headed to Ireland for a photography vacation, we really wanted to try and develop a style together and explore what interested us. I attended the Lens & Larder workshop with the legendary Gentl & Hyers and Chris traveled solo photographing fishing communities and farmers and telling their story through a lifestyle narrative. We both came back with such different perspectives and yet something that really flowed in showcasing the beauty of Ireland. Fast forward to this year and we’ve worked with so many amazing creatives building a book together that we really love. We are really excited about what’s coming up this year and look forward to sharing it.

Here’s a sneak peek into the work we’ve been creating together

Make sure you follow us on Instagram @suechandbeck to find out when our website goes up! 

Tamales Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Fresh Fish Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Cocktails Toronto Food Photographer Suech and Beck Roasted Chicken Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Torched Mackerel Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Fresh East Coast Mussels Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Ontario Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Female Farmer Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Fishing Nets Ireland Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Ireland Landscape Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Moy Hill Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Moy Hill Farm Toronto Food Photographers Suech and Beck Suech and Beck Photographers Toronto

Molly + Brendan | New Years Eve Wedding | Vermont Photographer


Molly + Brendan got married on New Year’s Eve in the cozy little town of Waitsfield, Vermont. They picked the stunning Inn at the Round Barn which made for the most amazing day. I love how they incorporated little pieces of Mexico into their winter wedding as a nod to where they got engaged. From the black dresses to branches of cotton that filled the tables everything about their day was classic and timeless. The whole Vermont lifestyle is so laid back and welcoming, everyone made this day so enjoyable, didn’t hurt that they had a pretty cool bridal party. I am happy I got to ring in the New Year with these guys!
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Brendan_Molly_117Brendan_Molly_052Brendan_Molly_090Brendan_Molly_116Brendan_Molly_092 Brendan_Molly_085Brendan_Molly_098Brendan_Molly_126Brendan_Molly_122Brendan_Molly_127 Brendan_Molly_133Brendan_Molly_132 Brendan_Molly_138Brendan_Molly_142 Brendan_Molly_143 Brendan_Molly_145 Brendan_Molly_153 Brendan_Molly_163 Brendan_Molly_164 Brendan_Molly_167 Brendan_Molly_168 Brendan_Molly_171Brendan_Molly_182 Brendan_Molly_190 Brendan_Molly_196 Brendan_Molly_198 Brendan_Molly_204 Brendan_Molly_206 Brendan_Molly_216Brendan_Molly_234 Brendan_Molly_235 Brendan_Molly_240 Brendan_Molly_241 Brendan_Molly_242 Brendan_Molly_247 Brendan_Molly_267 Brendan_Molly_271 Brendan_Molly_278 Brendan_Molly_290 Brendan_Molly_302 Brendan_Molly_307 Brendan_Molly_309 Brendan_Molly_315 Brendan_Molly_323 Brendan_Molly_330 Brendan_Molly_332 Brendan_Molly_350 Brendan_Molly_351 Brendan_Molly_356 Brendan_Molly_360 Brendan_Molly_391 Brendan_Molly_405 Brendan_Molly_408 Brendan_Molly_419 Brendan_Molly_427 Brendan_Molly_436 Brendan_Molly_440 Brendan_Molly_443 Brendan_Molly_447 Brendan_Molly_448 Brendan_Molly_459 Brendan_Molly_472 Brendan_Molly_475Brendan_Molly_543 Brendan_Molly_548 Brendan_Molly_558 Brendan_Molly_559 Brendan_Molly_572 Brendan_Molly_584 Brendan_Molly_598 Brendan_Molly_606 Brendan_Molly_625 Brendan_Molly_632 Brendan_Molly_669 Brendan_Molly_688 Brendan_Molly_694 Brendan_Molly_704 Brendan_Molly_711 Brendan_Molly_715

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15ON15 | Shadow

It’s really terrible that the time in-between these blog posts keeps getting longer and longer. As someone thats just coming out of a crazy few months I hate to admit that my blog has been a little neglected. This months 15on15 seemed like a good time to recalibrate and focus on something I love to shoot; shadows. I love bright and airy as much as the next girl but there is a secret dark side that pulls me into the moody and rich tones of a great black and white. I have always wanted to shoot an entire wedding in B&W and really take that challenge  of creating amazing compositions and utilizing the light and shadow to create the look.

This is a random assortment of things I am currently working on, things that keep me working and Chris and I working together. I hope you enjoy this month’s 15on15.



There are a handful of photographers participating – if you loved my blog post and wanted to see another #15on15 / #ADayInTheLife… follow over to Sarah’s blog or IG and follow the loop. Sarah is from Calgary, she is a wedding and portrait photographer, she has an adorable boxer and her travel images will make you want to get out there and travel asap!

We will be doing this every month on the 15th so stay tuned for the next one on January 15th and for an even BIGGER train of participants. If you are a Canadian photographer and would love to participate, let us know! 🙂

Community is a beautiful thing, we want to shine a light on all of the incredible photographers here in Canada. We are all unique, we have different stories, practices, visual eyes, post processing techniques and that is a beautiful thing. We are better together. We can love each others work, style, and business successes, we can be supportive, loving, and confident as a community, as artists. #CommunityOverCompetition///


So pleased to finally share this secret we’ve been keeping all summer. Our #allthatshines editorial has been published in the newest issue of Hello May Magazine.

When I was approached by the lovely Erinn Winn to see if I was interested in doing a bridal creative, I was instantly intrigued. Although we had never worked together, I had seen her work and knew this would be great and once I saw the creative boards for this I was sold. I couldn’t wait to meet the team and see this all come together.

Everything came together so perfectly and the chemistry was something that couldn’t be denied. I’m so grateful to have worked with some of the top Toronto wedding vendors and this would have not come together without everyone’s amazing effort!


_wp_1344_wp_0312toronto wedding photographer, copper, wedding, _wp_0306_wp_0375_wp_0589_wp_0617_wp_0739_wp_1315_wp_0729_wp_0763_wp_0721_wp_0599_wp_0580 _wp_0535 _wp_0478 _wp_0396_wp_0628 _wp_0362 _wp_0355_wp_1169_wp_1311 _wp_0259 _wp_0206_wp_0688_wp_1087_wp_1051_wp_1104_wp_1001_wp_1322 _wp_1297 _wp_1309_wp_0848_wp_0894_wp_0749_wp_0443_wp_0264_wp_1148_wp_0931_wp_1203_wp_1278_wp_1232

Christian from One Heart Films amazed us with his video from the day, he brings it all together and makes you fall even more in love with these two..

Featured in 14th edition Hello May Magazine on sale now! #allthatshines #copperandlinen

Copper & Linen Styled Shoot Dream Team:

Produced by /styling & planner: Bisous Events 
Photo: Alyssa Wodabek
Florals: Ashley Elaine Kimmel
Video: One Heart Films
Suit: Indochino
Stationary: Castlefield Design Co.
Groom’s accessories: Tytan Ties
Dress: Maureen Patricia
Bridal accessories: Posh Veils & The Loved One
Makeup: The Look Bridal
Hair: Puzzle Creations
Rentals: Plate Occasions
Cake: Crumb and Berry
Ring: Look At the Moon
Venue: Berkeley Events

Twenty-Seven | What this last year taught me..


I’m sitting in my living room writing this blog post with so many thoughts and ideas going through my head. As I turn 27 tomorrow I feel like there’s a lot that can be said for this last year. I feel like I’ve done the most growing and soul-searching in the last year then I have in a long time.

Sometimes it’s not the crazy adventures or the exciting trips where you find yourself but in the quiet moments doing the most mundane.

Here are some ramblings of this last year..



Don’t worry about others 

Not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay. Coming from a people pleasing mentality this one was tough. There is always going to be someone somewhere that has something to say. You are going to come across these people all your life so you may as well just keep doing you! Social media is a great way to get down on yourself and start the comparison game but really all you need to do is focus on YOU.

Finding what feels good

I have spent a good portion of my life dieting and I finally realized it just doesn’t work. Restricting and deprivation only lasts so long before you’re knee-deep in the carbs again.  It’s taken a long time but all the clique’s are true, you do have to start from a place of love and kindness towards yourself before you will get anywhere. Over the last 6 months have been practicing a healthy lifestyle through intuitive eating, which means really tuning into my body and eating for what I need and not functioning on guilt. It’s an ongoing project but coming from a place of love rather than guilt has been so freeing.

Work hard & Be Nice

The most successful people I have encountered are ones that are genuinely nice to everyone, not just potential clients, but everyone. Life is so fragile and there isn’t time for grudges or drama, just be a nice human.

Own your success 

…But not in a cocky way. I feel like I have spent a lot of my years downplaying my successes and excitement about certain things. There’s always been that fear of showing off or coming off overconfident (god forbid) So I have made it my mission to own my successes and not feel like I need to hide anything. This year has been amazing and I can’t WAIT to see what this year has in store.

Thank you for all the b-day messages, and texts and calls I am so lucky to have such amazing family & friends

Cheers to another year!

A xo